Front Room news, week beginning 2/2

by Pam Maldonado & Juni Bambach Valentine books are out and St Patrick’s Day books are in the Books‐Read‐In‐Circle basket, along with the winter books.

Noticing, making observations, growing a bean sprout (or not) and recording in our science notebooks has been our science job recently. Check the beans out! They are in the kitchen window.

New cubby covers were fun to create. Be sure to notice the Sunflower students work.

Sunflower students were so proud of the Valentines they shared and received! We talked about them a lot in our room.

Our bulletin boards have transformed from “our work” to “whole school” work. Theme families have created snippets of information about the trails of the westward expansion. Each board was worked on by one family.

Front-Room News, Week of 2/8

by Pam Maldonado & Juni Bambach

Be sure to check out our heart art on the front bulletin board. Using a ruler to make a grid was a bit challenging.

Sunflower students enjoyed the various creative writing activities at the bean table while Pam was out of town.

Valentine books and Groundhog Day books are out in our Books‐Read‐in‐Circle basket. “Which one is your favorite?” is a great question to ask a Sunflower student.

Sunflower students looked forward to doing their home conferences with their family and to their turn to do their conference at school with teachers.

Front Room News, Week of 10/19

by Pam Maldonado & Juni Bambach

  • Have you noticed that the plants in our box garden are beginning to grow bigger? Students have recorded in their science notebooks what they have noticed since we planted them a couple of weeks ago.
  • Sunflower students are excited about participating in lots of experiments for our new theme on energy.
  • Thanks for doing the home conferences with your Sunflower student. They worked hard preparing them to teach their family.
  • Tuesday, the Sunflower class got to participate in a drum lesson. It was presented by Music Therapy students from the FSU College of Music. We had fun! Thank you to Lori Gooding for providing this and future opportunities.
  • Halloween books are out! We have a whole basket of Halloween books as a reading choice for students. These books bring great joy to our Sunflower class especially when they read them with a buddy.
  • Yay! We got a new CD/cassette player! Thanks Jamison’s family, Marsha, for purchasing one for us. We will use it daily.

Front Room news, week of 9/21

by Pam Maldonado & Juni Bambach “Walkie Talkie” cups (student named) were exciting to make for science and so much fun to use. Ask a sunflower student how they work.

Our seedlings will be ready to put in our garden box soon. The predictions were a bit off yet students are so happy a plant emerged from a seed.

The job time we spent experiencing sound was amazing. The class sat outside, recorded all the sounds they heard in their science notebooks, then we shared what we learned along with reviewing why we could hear the things we heard. We also had the same sound experience inside.

Have you read our Sunflower book yet? It is in the “books read in circle” basket. Be sure to check it out. It was a very involved process.

Sunflower students are working hard practicing for the music presentation coming

October 2. We will do a short play with instruments and puppets, along with a round using instruments.

Dispatches from the Sunflower class

Our science job was to plant seeds and predict how long before they sprout. The sprouts will then go into the garden box.

Have you noticed our two bulletin boards? Be sure to check out the “Guess Who?” pictures and the “What Safety Looks Like At School” illustrations. Lots of brainstorming, discussion, and focused energy went into both boards.

We finished writing our story! Next step, illustrate. Finally it will be out to read by the end of the week. Yay!

Our first Selsa story was a version of Goldilocks and the three Bears. The following class, we listened to two other versions. Students noticed differences and similarities between Selsa and the two books read aloud. Ask Sunflower a student if he or she can tell you one.

P.E. was lots of fun using music. To do P.E., we played a game using hula hoops. Cooperation was a large part of the experience. Ask a Sunflower friend what he or she had to do.

Front Room News

  •  The Front Room has been busy getting to know our room, routine and friends. There is a lot to do, yet we are being successful at so many parts.
  • We have named ourselves. We are the Roses Class. We have also come up with a song. We sing our classroom song every day. Ask a Roses student to sing it to you.
  • Homework folders go home daily and come back to school the next day. It is the student’s job to read every story inside the folder to a parent each evening.
  • On Fridays we do P.E. It is most helpful for students to have close-toed shoes on. We do a variety of cooperative activities during P.E.
  • Remember to check your parent pocket regularly.

K-2 class creates Everglades montage

by Pam Maldonado & Juni Bambach

  • It was exciting to see money from different countries. Andrew and Kelly came from Wells Fargo to talk about saving money.
  • Be sure to check out our Everglades bulletin board. All of the Jaguar students helped create it after looking at and listening to books about the Everglades.
  • Jaguars have had to work especially hard at using our two inch voice with four straight days of rain and not getting to go outside at all. What a challenge! We did it!
  • We appreciate all of the adults who stepped into the Jaguar classroom while Juniper was at Rendezvous. The Jaguar students were very helpful to the adults.
  • With no bus on Earth Day we did not get to go pick up trash at the park. The Jaguar students are really looking forward to doing it this week.

Front Room news

by Pam Maldonado & Juni Bambach  Bulletin boards around the school are beginning to transform into theme boards. Ask the Jaguars how they are helping.

  • Jaguar students are working on their practice Original Works picture. We want to get it just right for our final picture.
  • P.E. was inside a week ago; it was a muddy day. We did some cooperative movement and balloon activities. FUN! After our field trip there was not much time yet we still did some following directions on the playground in the form of an obstacle course.
  • The Jaguar students were so excited to go on an adventure Friday. The entire experience was thrilling. Ask a Jaguar his or her favorite part of the Natural Bridge trip.
  • Check out our new spring collage cubby covers.
  • Shadows have begun. Jaguar students are taking turns helping out the visitors to make sure they feel welcome, are safe, and are informed of what to do. Thanks Jaguar students!

Elementary school performs "The Cat Came Back"

Magnolia School founder and Board Chair Susan Smith has been singing every Tuesday afternoon with the whole elementary school. One of the songs they learned this fall was "The Cat Came Back," a traditional song with many different verses and versions. We started by watching several animated versions on YouTube. Then we sang the song with some of the best verses. After that, Susan worked with the classrooms to write their own rap verses. With the help of Thomas Jackson, we recorded our version and it has now been uploaded to YouTube.  The cat art shown with the words was created by our students too, of course. Now, when people go looking for versions of "The Cat Came Back," they'll find the Magnolia School version too!