Back Room news, week of 9/21

by Sally Cumper Although school has only been in session for a month, it feels as if the Pickles have been working together for much longer. It has been fun and exciting watching the students learn and become comfortable with back room routines (academic schedule and expectations) , rituals (conscious discipline), and getting to know and socialize with each other as well as with the teachers. I am happy to say that we have a wonderfully talented group of students who are coming to us with skills that complement each other. We all have much to offer and learn from one another.

All of our haikus have been edited, completed, and are hanging on the bulletin board above the cubbies and materials areas. As a class we are going to learn about how to research. Students will be guided in lessons on how to conduct research, what questions to ask, as well as which sources (books, magazines, websites), and how to give credit (bibliography).

Every backroom student should be reading for 20-30 minutes every day outside of school time and record it in his/her homework log for credit. I check homework folders weekly.

Book wish for the elementary school:

  • Nonfiction books, particularly: Who was/is? series and What was/is? series.
  • Leven Thumps (series, we have the 1st book only)
  • Candy Shop Wars (series)
  • Janitors (series, we have the 1st book only)

During math our students have continued learning about fractions. Student art reflecting our area of study is displayed on the far end of our bulletin board. Some of the math from the 4th/5th group displays an understanding of converting a picture to a fraction then to a percent and lastly to a decimal.