Back-Room News, Week of 2/8

By Sally Cumper

The Pioneer Pickles, are really excited about our new theme: Wagons Ho! Our students have been busy designing, building, and adding details to their own covered wagons that they made during Exploration. My math group has been solving word problems that require using multiplication to solve them and are based on the Oregon, Santa Fe, Mormon, and California Trails.

Writer’s workshop has been on the topic of alliteration this week. We have listened to books, poems, and jumping rope rhymes that show examples of it in writing. Students have participated in a brainstorming activity thinking of Oo words. Next week we will begin drafting our own poems demonstrating the use of alliteration. Our fifth graders, and anyone else who wants to accept the challenge, are doing current events and will be sharing their findings with the class next Friday.

Our Valentine's Day boxes are under construction and will be stored in the teacher resource room until our Valentine’s Day party (next Friday). Below is a picture drawn by our very own Pioneer Pickle: Oliver Jacobs.