Back Room News, Week of 10/19

by Sally Cumper

The conference week has arrived, and it has been wonderful discussing your children’s many accomplishments. Our students are busy researching their chosen scientist/inventor, reading about them, and choosing important and relative information to write about in their personal biographies. We are encouraging students to gather information from 2-3 sources (1-2 internet and 1-2 books). Within our back room, we have books pulled on different scientists and have allowed students to print out information from Wikipedia on their scientist/inventor of choice. In some cases, students will have to get information from 2 reliable internet sources due to a lack of written information within our school library.

Magnolia's Halloween tunnel is still under construction and wonderful things are happening thanks to Juni, Casey, Julie running the Halloween guild. We also have some amazing families who have been volunteering their time after school and on weekends to assure that this year's tunnel is AMAZING! Thank you to everyone involved for your level of commitment!