Archetypes come to life as Mythology theme comes to a close

Our Mythology theme is ending this week with festive activities related to the archetypes students studied over the past weeks: the Trickster, the Monster, the Sky and the Earth. Among the activities:

  • Students enjoyed a magic show and magic workshop Monday,
  • Elementary students will present short plays to each other  Wednesday and Thursday, and
  • Middle schoolers will  perform a children's version of The Odyssey for the elementary school Friday.

The last theme of the year, after Spring Break, will be Water. This theme will look at water from all different angles: its physical and chemical properties; its different states (liquid, vapor, snow and ice); its role in solutions, in biology and health; where it is found; the importance of the water cycle for climatology; how plants and animals adapt to different amounts of water; how water is transported and how it is used for energy;  how water is polluted; and how it can be conserved. We are planning lots of scientific experiments, speakers and field trips.