Viva Mexico! Week Three

The Viva Mexico! theme is entering its 3rd week.

So far elementary students have been introduced to Mexico in general, Frida Kahlo, the Maya, and the Day of the Dead. The folk tales they heard were Blancaflor and Lady of Guadalupe. Students prepared corn and black beans salsa, and guacamole; the animal station featured the chihuahua and the coyote.

They were introduced to the Mexican flag, and have been practicing mola art and weaving. This week, the people station will feature the Aztecs and the animal station the quetzel; the festival station will feature the Guelaguetza; the students will cook corn tortillas and they will be introduced to the Mexican peso.

In the meantime, middle school students have familiarized themselves with a map of Mexico, they have been studying the Aztec Empire and its conquest by Cortez, and they have been watching videos of a Mayan ball game and pondering over how to adapt it for P.E.