Viva Mexico, Week 5

The Viva Mexico! theme is entering its 5th week. Recently, elementary students have learned about the Dia de la Raza, which coincides with Columbus day and celebrates Latin America’s Hispanic and multicultural heritage. The focus animal was the donkey, the focus food was beans and rice, the focus landmark was Copper Canyon, and the focus person was futbol player Javier Hernández Balcázar, a.k.a. Chicharito.

In the meantime, middle school students have looked at the role of cycles in the Maya culture. They learned how advanced the Mayan knowledge of astronomy was; recognized that, at the end of 2012, their intricate calendar was simply reaching the end of a very long cycle; and were shown the link between Mayan architecture and the sun’s seasonal cycle. They also experimented with base-20 arithmetic, Maya-style.

godseyeToday at guild time, students were offered special stations devoted to Mexican crafts: tile painting, God’s eyes, Day of the Dead craft, tissue paper flowers.


Art McConnell talked to the elementary school students on Thursday morning about his travels to Mexico. We are expecting the visit of a speaker from FSU Global Ambassador Program on January 19th.