Back-room students working on persuasive essays

by Sally Cumper The end of the year is quickly approaching but the Landsquidz are still traversing through the academic seas! Below are some of the highlights  we want to make mention of.

  • A back room parent donated some new math games as well as a new set of K’nex!
  • The same parent donates two new book collections: Origami Yoda and the J.R.R. Tolken set.
  • Our students held a May Day demonstration/Protest for French class
    • Chat perché plus souvent!
    • Des pizzas differentes!
    • L’école plus tard!
    • Plus de viande!
  • Persuasive speeches/papers are under construction (final due date, May 22nd)
  • Doing lots of reading and math assessments
  • Building K’nex cars and having races with them while we’ve been stuck inside…ALL WEEK!
  • Finally played capture the flag for P.E. outside last week! Thanks Bo for being our coach!